dimanche 27 octobre 2013

How to get 3-25 $ for per click Adsense

The first step : The Secret Adsense about the CPC :
Adsense CPC prices are lagging behind in the countries in terms of payment , where that Google Adsense does not deal with all the countries to pay for the ads, such as the four countries will mention where giving the maximum value of the publisher 's announcement , which states the following four :



These four states only that Google Adsense pays you a minimum of $ 3 , and a maximum of $ 25 versus per Anakrt , you should target visitors from these countries.

NOTE: This password depends to reach the price of $ 25 versus per Anakrt , but I saw people come to $ 50 per return Anakrt It depends on the content / your words .

Second step: How to find the words?

Good question beautifully , but you do not need to search for keywords , the only thing you need to do is to find companies / sites declared that the rate of CPC for their advertisements $ 7 - $ 10 and once you find the advertisers who pay 7-10 $ for the pressure per ... Then you search for keywords the advertiser , and then put these keywords in the titles of your articles , which was built on the keywords in the subject.

Now you have to ask how can I find these advertisers and keywords , a sense Let me tell you , you can get them from Google Adwords or Keyword Spy site where you can find advertisers from this site.

I suggest you start with the words of Insurance, and then Meothelioma.
This list of advertisers who are paying a lot on the subject of insurance:



A lot ... This list of some advertisers who pay a rate of 7 - 10 $ CPC vs. Anakrt the .

This is a list of advertisers who pay Mesothelioma rate of 7 - 10 $ CPC vs. Anakrt the :


And others a lot of advertisers who will find them in your search through the sites mentioned above

Step Three: Look to increase your earnings

Well, after doing all this to confirm that you will get visitors from the four countries mentioned and you will see Adsense account exposed to storms profits ...

With this method of content if you earn $ 100 per month, your earnings will increase to more than $ 1,000 per month , God willing.

Note : you apply this way with Google Adsense for 6 months , and still do not conflict with the policy of Google Adsense and there is no problems

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