dimanche 27 octobre 2013

FREE : Get 1,000 visitors to your site for free

The title is very important , one of the most dangerous places that can be grown where the search words ! !

Have to go back out into the unknown The transplant mispronounce words ... And Zkd pressing the right button Vidfq Here visitors by the thousands because of the choice of the title only

I will discuss the subject from all angles through the following points:
1: Keywords that Todua in the title
Quite simply , do not even go with you in the complex equations . To Osalk a prospective visitors row me the article in five words , what would you say ?

Think and try not to lose that visitor ... And to find a sponsor what يفيده in five words

Have you found the five words ... Great
Then search for them in Google and see you Zurak looking for them in the same words or other senses
Because Tighten those words together so that they appear to be inter for intermittent Akellmat ( you can give up a word or two in order to formulate distinctive phrase )

The secret of secrets formulation titles
These words have a magic effect with humans if placed in the titles be sure to use it

Your Life

Beware preference formula
Spread far and wide in the websites and blogs and forums ( especially) the so - called formulas preference Vtjd the title ( the program faster , and better for the game , and the latest version , أجمد idea ... etc. )
This formula wrong marketing and response rate her very weak and very secret to this lies in you Bossvk to the idea or program that best repeal personal visitor or affect his mind before he sees and therefore will not visit you also these words (faster stronger better أجمد ) consumed from frequent use is no longer a change
So if you want the largest proportion in response to the address does not use superlatives ( waiting for the debate at this particular point ....)

Another method in the formulation of Titles
It is a digital method People always like clarity

Find out how to Loss in 4 days
Get rid of excess weight in 5 hours
Distinctive way to lose 5 kg per day
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
And now come for more examples: in front of each example of the idea that it used
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
Book slimming and weight loss free ( Temptation money )
Powerful idea to eliminate excess weight ( Everyone loves power )
A good way to lose weight ( directly but not suitable for ladies)
How to get rid of excess weight ( pressing question )
An easy way to lose weight ( No one wants to get tired )
Witch ideas to lose weight ( and the magic splendor )
Ante Why Atngosain the weight ( de facto )
Find out how Diet featured ( not directly suitable for ladies )
Diet easy way ( no one wants to fatigue suitable for men)
Get rid of your weight and your life ( for young adults do not want to change their lives )

What is the best method ?
Fourth hear you say .... V
Why do not you think in the merge ... Yes merger

What do you think the title like this :

Get rid of excess weight easily and quickly in 5 days

7 charming ideas to lose weight why not experimental ?

Thus, methods are finished I hope you have fun
There is still a very important technique is the strongest used intelligently What ?
It is a method problems ! ! !
You do not even dwell simply Mark Anowak an offer to مشلكة or a solution
But be careful : Do not make your address ( in itself ) a solution to the problem so that only visitor access to the address or visit your article
For example : Did you cause to excess weight Pour off the embarrassment of embarrassment now

Now you know the words that should be planted in the title and on methods of formulation of titles , now how will address 1,000 visitors bring only do what I told you in the article carefully and wait for the arrival of more than 1,000 visitors

How to get 3-25 $ for per click Adsense

The first step : The Secret Adsense about the CPC :
Adsense CPC prices are lagging behind in the countries in terms of payment , where that Google Adsense does not deal with all the countries to pay for the ads, such as the four countries will mention where giving the maximum value of the publisher 's announcement , which states the following four :



These four states only that Google Adsense pays you a minimum of $ 3 , and a maximum of $ 25 versus per Anakrt , you should target visitors from these countries.

NOTE: This password depends to reach the price of $ 25 versus per Anakrt , but I saw people come to $ 50 per return Anakrt It depends on the content / your words .

Second step: How to find the words?

Good question beautifully , but you do not need to search for keywords , the only thing you need to do is to find companies / sites declared that the rate of CPC for their advertisements $ 7 - $ 10 and once you find the advertisers who pay 7-10 $ for the pressure per ... Then you search for keywords the advertiser , and then put these keywords in the titles of your articles , which was built on the keywords in the subject.

Now you have to ask how can I find these advertisers and keywords , a sense Let me tell you , you can get them from Google Adwords or Keyword Spy site where you can find advertisers from this site.

I suggest you start with the words of Insurance, and then Meothelioma.
This list of advertisers who are paying a lot on the subject of insurance:



A lot ... This list of some advertisers who pay a rate of 7 - 10 $ CPC vs. Anakrt the .

This is a list of advertisers who pay Mesothelioma rate of 7 - 10 $ CPC vs. Anakrt the :


And others a lot of advertisers who will find them in your search through the sites mentioned above

Step Three: Look to increase your earnings

Well, after doing all this to confirm that you will get visitors from the four countries mentioned and you will see Adsense account exposed to storms profits ...

With this method of content if you earn $ 100 per month, your earnings will increase to more than $ 1,000 per month , God willing.

Note : you apply this way with Google Adsense for 6 months , and still do not conflict with the policy of Google Adsense and there is no problems

Control computers programme teamviewer

create a page without a name on facebook

Step #1:
Create a Facebook page using the “More” link in the left sidebar’s bottom. You can also land on any page and click on “Create page” button there.

Step #2:
Select any category depending upon what your page should be. The category doesn’t matter in this trick.
Step #3: 
The name part in the category page matters a lot in this trick. Now, you may need some special characters temporarily for creating the page. The below text box will help you to copy the special characters. Place the mouse pointer on the text box and press Ctrl + A. Now, Ctrl + C will copy all the text right here in the text box.

Paste the copied text on the category page of Facebook where you are now for creating a invisible page.

Step #4:
Click on “I agree to Facebook Pages terms” and get started. Now, you will be taken to the page for adding description, website and page username. Input description for the page and also page’s username (recommended). Provide other details if you wish, else skip them all. You may add those details later too.
Step #5:
After landing into the page, go to Edit Page > Update Info. Click Edit button near the name field. now, place the insertion point on the starting of the text in the text box and hit delete key on your keyboard.
Step #6:
Click on Save Changes to save the page name. View the page to see for the changes. If the name change was not proper, you can see a symbol in the page activity section.

If this is the case, then you should go to Edit Page > Update Info again. Click on the “Edit” link in the Name section. keep the insertion point in the starting of the text box and press End key. This will make the insertion point to reach the end of the text box as usual. Now, press backspace key to delete all characters until you see the insertion point reaching the other end instantly.
So, after saving the changes, you will be seeing a similar text in the Name section of your page